Noise in South East Asia

Cedrik Fermont & Dimitri della Faille

A book about art, politics, identity, gender and global capitalism

Companion compilation

This compilation is an attempt to cover a varied range of noise and experimental music from South East Asia. Limited to just over one hour, the CD format does not allow us to fully cover the richness of the scene. However, we did our best to include a diverse group of artists. We have selected female and male artists, DIY and academically trained musicians, and newcomers and established artists.

With exclusive tracks from: Cheryl Ong & Vivian Wang (Singapore); Menstrual Synthdrone (Indonesia); Sodadosa (Indonesia); Nguyễn Hong Giang (Vietnam); Dharma (Singapore); Sound Awakener (Vietnam); Bergegas Mati (Indonesia); GAMNAD737 (Thailand); Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia); Yandsen (Malaysia); Teresa Barrozo (The Philippines); Musica Htet (Myanmar).

Published by Syrphe ( and Disques Hushush (

Unfortunately, the CD is now sold out. But the electronic version of the compilation can still be purchased directly from Syrphe ( and from Bandcamp (

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